Mode- and wavelength-division multiplexed transmission using all-fiber mode multiplexer based on mode selective couplers


We propose all-fiber mode multiplexer composed of two consecutive LP₁₁ mode selective couplers that allows for the multiplexing of LP₀₁ mode and two-fold degenerate LP₁₁ modes. We demonstrate WDM transmission of 32 wavelength channels with 100 GHz spacing, each carrying 3 modes of 120 Gb/s polarization division multiplexed quadrature phase shifted keying (PDM-QPSK) signal, over 560 km of few-mode fiber (FMF). Long distance transmission is achieved by 6×6 multiple-input multiple-output digital signal processing and modal differential group delay compensated link of FMF. The all-fiber mode multiplexer has considerable potential to be used in mode- and wavelength-division multiplexed transmission.

Optics Express